UP2CHOICE for Business Owners

UP2CHOICE aims to connect consumers with the world of dining. It is important to serve delicious courses and provide remarkable service; however these efforts may go unnoticed unless your restaurant is appropriately exposed to the public.

UP2CHOICE is designed to meet the needs of restaurant owners - from small neighborhood bistros to large restaurant groups. Our mission is to help restaurateurs keep control of their news feeds, expand reach and make their restaurants accessible to a wide audience.

Present your restaurant activity in full scale:

Clean, neatly designed pages make it possible for your restaurant to stand out:

  • Full restaurant description;
  • Ongoing news, events and deals;
  • Links to restaurant's social pages;
  • No distracting ads or links to other venues.

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Convenient and user-friendly dashboard allows publishing announcements, updating and monitoring all information at ease:

  • Publish news, events and recurring deals;
  • Increase visibility - news blocks according to subject, time and location;
  • Suitable for big restaurant groups and PR agencies.

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Flexibility to build your strategy:

Whether you need to announce happy hour deals or an exquisite wine pairing dinner, a jazz concert or another type of event, UP2CHOICE has a proven track record of being suitable to any marketing strategy.

  • Build your strategy – flexibility to decide on what you want to present to your customers according to subject, time, price ranges and location.
  • Avoid risks of posting discounting advertising – no commissions for publishing deals or harm to the restaurant image.
  • Help your restaurant stand out – short and eye-catching messages were specifically designed to grab audience attention and differentiate your restaurant from other competitors.
  • Reach and connect with a broad range of customers – varied news categories attract different types of customers and foster relationship with your audience.

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